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Let us all reunite in the Divine

(just making an introduction, that takes me deep down the flowstate)

How European male chauvinism invaded the African balanced equality between man and woman.

Flipping the scales to a patriarchal way of acting.


It is time for women (and men) to reunite with their divine heritage.

It is time for us to rebalance the world.

It is time to heal and to be thankfully aware of our lineage hidden in our epigenetics.

It is time to embrace our mothers.

And all Mothers of Mothers.

Let's embrace and kiss all of our beautiful dark wolfs.

And, I do mean ALL of them ... No exceptions.

Let's adore and love all of our Inner Little Ones, cause they are ours to have and to hold.

This is what healing is. It goes beyond time, place and epigenetic lineage.

Let's unite and step in the acknowledging of who we truly are.

To all my fellow women and men, whom are truly ready to heal their shadows, wounds and lineages.

Whom are ready to take the next step in their understanding and in the healing of their swirling waters full of divinity.

No matter the country for there is no boundaries

I'm here, to doula* you into wholeness.

Art and words by Lili Van Daele - Enter Lifes Flow

*Serving woman - of the Divine

#enterlifesflow #doula #healingtheinnerchild #healingthepast #healingthesoul #divinefeminine #goingbacktomyroots

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